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Content is for Educational and Study Reasons Our topic is based on text based Role Playing reflecting a role play in text chat programs now days 3d chat programs. What we will be doing is showing you many steps on how to RP, What types of RP = Role Playing is used,and where or how to research your role play story line or charater.

From time to time there were attacks on role-playing games, our role-playing club started in 1990. There have been scientific studies about RPGs, some people think that roleplaing is just nuts, but truly role playing can help in your drama clases or drama club for shchool. If you know of a study we haven't got yet, please please let us know. Likewise we are interested in more articles, tv or radio reports for our archive. We try to make more resources available online to ease research -- but it depends on permissions for re-print by the copyright owners. Other forms of role playing are RPG, LARP, MMORPG'S, Now in chats RP

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Points About Role Playing

How to RP 101 Introduction

How to RP 101 - 1

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Try not to do in RP

T Skill Fighting RP

More RP Fighting Etiquette

What is considered GOD-Modding