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What is considered GOD-MODDING in RP Fighting 
Due to lack of research details those whom never rped from 98 to now, is not one you need to listen to. This page has been damaged over an rp, that someone failed in many times agaisnt me, who tampered with this for the better word UN EDUCATED rpers, who think you can just over rule rp rules that many for years has followed.

it really sucks don't it? you can't ever get it right, so all of this will go back to the original posting as it was from the first writers of proper rp


----------all this is? is people mad I have killed them in rp many times, under proper judges ruling -shakes head- because they god mod if you follow these do believe me you was set up to fail.

I know whose been doing it one, you can hide a name, but your ip and location told me who you are, one the weak of my family  is mad I cought them in may lies after hurassing my full ledgand family, WOLF INC AND THE STORMBLAES ARE NOT FORGOTTEN MY LIITLE KIDS OF THE WEAK WHO comited treason ACTS, who hide. so again the god modder likes to toy in hiding, only shows the weak of them self and still is. See no mater. I always know who did it or how because they never change their text styling, never and can't. only one sister i havereal life, whom I and she rped together. she could walk all over you, and you would not even know who she was, id find out and catch her cause I stuied net chat security for many years -shakes thead- that is why a lot are mad fo rthis reason and they never did find out how to kill mother earth yet. And it was all out in the open, I guess id be tired to try kill all gaia's sisters, brothers and kids over 350 memebers, id give up to after being beat down many times and kiled god modder. even then after killing gaia they would face Kaos.

1: Teleportation of ANY kind, including portals and moving at a speed that is so fast that it might as well be teleporting, if used during a fight or for the purpose of starting a fight, such as teleporting behind someone to hit them or anything like that, is a god mod. It is a mod because it makes it nearly impossible, if not entirely impossible to hit you -- and don't be like "well what if I"... No, no you can't do it because it's a form of teleportation. Don't do it. 

2: You cannot block an attack with your body and take no damage from it. ""again perception and damage of proper ethical research again in mythology, you could use your body as an armor. titanium alloy was used most often in those times again research your flaws--- No matter how insanely powerful your character may be, if you are directly hit with any attack, you take damage from it that is relative to the attack dealt. For example: if someone slices your arm, and you fail to either dodge it or block it with a weapon or shield or something of the like, your arm gets cut. Depending on how the attacker worded the post, your arm could in fact be cut clean off. Don't make excuses if this happens. If you're retarded enough to stand there while someone slices your arm, you deserve whatever damage it causes. 

3: Your attack, no matter how complex, no matter how powerful, no matter how long it took you to charge it, CAN AND MUST be able to be completely avoided in some way. Now, the way it can be avoided can be extremely hard to figure out, or it can take a lot of power to avoid: power equal to the amount of power it took to make the attack. Which means that if you put every last ounce of your energy into an attack and someone manages to avoid getting hit by it, you're out of luck because you just used up all your power and are now almost completely defenseless. Bottom line is, there is no such thing as an attack that cannot be avoided, period. 

4: Armor does not protect you from everything. If someone with the strength to punch a building and turn it into a crater slashes you with a sword, no matter how thick your suit of armor is, that steel isn't going to prevent it from penetrating.<<<wrong you incorrect yet again poster" Armor is almost completely useless in a high power RP fight, and it is recommended that it be used only for show. Another thing, if you're wearing a super thick suit of plate armor made out of some fictional RP material that you made up that is super strong and able to withstand that kind of stuff, you better not be able to move faster than a snail, because if for some reason you're so super strong that it doesn't hinder you, then someone can just as easily cut through it. This rule also applies to barriers both physical and magical. Any kind of protective shielding can be broken through. 

5: An attack requires an equal amount of power to create as the amount of damage it causes. The harder it is to defend against, the more power it must drain from you in the process. For example: If someone makes an attack that is powerful enough to take out several people and deal incredible destruction to the area at the same time, that is what we call a "Finisher" move. Such a move usually requires the user to be drained of nearly all power after usage. It is a trump card, if you will. 

6: Illusions are a tricky thing to call into an RP fight for several reasons. One of those reasons is that it's so easy to god mod when using one and usually takes a lot of skill and practice in order to use one that is not a mod. In order to use an illusion, you MUST make it possible to whoever it is being used on to figure out that it is an illusion. You can make it difficult to figure it out, but it must be able to be figured out without asking if it is an illusion. Another more noobish way of doing it, is to include in the post itself that it is an illusion. You can't make some kind of super crazy attack that nearly destroys someone and then say "oh it was an illusion, don't worry" UNLESS you make it so that they can figure out what it is BEFORE it is used. They don't HAVE to actually figure it out, but you have to provide what is needed in order for them to have been able to do so. 

7: Any weapon can be broken if it is put under enough strain. You can augment your weapon, enchant it, forge it, whatever it to make it stronger both physically and magically, but it is by no means completely indestructible. Even if a weapon can be disassembled and reconstructed, or shattered and reconstructed, it can be permanently disabled/broken somehow. Again, the way to do it can be hard to figure out, but it can be done. 

8: You are not the most powerful being in the universe. You are not one step abouv god. You are not all powerful. You cannot control the planets. You cannot control the flow of souls. You cannot move a star/planet/anything that huge and powerful Doing so would take so much energy and power that even attempting to do it would drain a person of their strength and cause them to collapse, no matter how strong they are. <judy robets view lacks education in rp. dont not follow this.

9: You do not have an unlimited amount of energy. You do not have the ability to completely drain your energy in an attack, and then absorb energy from something else to regenerate all the energy you used up. You may be able to become stronger or obtain more energy based on certain circumstances, but it is not unlimited.