Dressed for the band Within The Temptation a band we made up in secondlife to reflect the band Within Temptation

The set up for this idea as a member who role plays such as myself, and I am one who has done role playing text based chat for nearly 15 years.

My time well spent is in a chat program called IMVU or secondlife. As a  Role Player, and creator and partner to lindenlabs and creator in secondlife also some light role playing. I make the items bought or sold in these programs

I created this Wikia to help others who also Role Play in a chat program or even inside of imvu. For many users learning to become a role player there is not many places who offer a simple help or tip in helping with full details and outline sources all in one shot.

Here you will be helped with many things, such as the proper steps and how to do in RP used in IMVU and possibly other chat programs. we will offer ways to setting up your story lines and help in making a bio, these are things people get stuck on or many don’t know where to start.

Most of the rp ways have always been the same, but many have totally twisted how it’s really or should be done in a proper way. Growing up in the beginning of the 90's our role playing was how it is set forth here on my wikia.

Many have or will twist the terms to gain a self-gaining win in an RP moment.

Killing people off because they take their rp personally, and take it out on that person, they begin to hate that person for leaving their family to be with another.

As an example this sort of rp is not staged properly and is also out of content. if you’re a good rper and have a family and trust you will have an rp family, then killing off members is just a cheap sloppy rp and shows you can’t rp with good fair gaming skills. If that member on should always be careful when they kill or harm other family members and some might not take on the challenges of a war of rp t skill fight without knowing there true rp style if your sloppy your rp is considered void and un ranked compared to a real proper rper.

Hope you have enjoyed the site so far I will from time to time do updates or fix errors on subjects as the occur. Thanks

Elder Paige Storm Blade